We use the MedX Laser to help our patients heal faster.

This device utilizes light in two wavelengths to provide patients with safe effective painless therapy that utilizes the body’s own natural healing to relieve pain, decrease muscle spasm, increase joint mobility and promote cell regeneration.

This type of laser is sometimes known and a cold or low intensity.

Our MedX laser has 2 different light delivery sources:
Light Diodes that provides deep (2–5 cm) penetration of 785 nm of infrared light for deep treatment.

Furthermore, Super Luminous Diodes that provides more superficial (1 cm) penetration of 633 red nm and 880 nm infrared light for muscle and small joints.

What Is Laser Used For?

This laser has been approved for use by the US FDA and Health Canada for the treatment of:
- Relief of muscle aches and spasmsRelief of pains, stiffness and joint aches
- Relief from muscle spasm, pain and stiffness associated with Arthritis
- Relief of hand and wrist pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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The Conditions We Can Treat With Laser

- Low Back Pain and Sciatica
- Neck Pain / Whiplash
- Knee Osteoarthritis
- Hip Osteoarthritis
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Tennis Elbow / Golfer’s Elbow
- Rotator Cuff Tears
- Shoulder / Hip BursitisBunions
- Plantar Fasciitis
- Heel Spurs
- Tendinitis